Microsoft And Adobe Flash Player In Windows 8

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Microsoft announced that it will update Adobe Flash Player to ensure security for Windows 8. In this new Windows program, Adobe Flash is embedded in Internet Explorer 10.

Microsoft wants to fix everything before the system hits stores. Until then, Microsoft is working with Adobe Systems to avoid vulnerabilities. The company announced that they will wait until Windows 8 will be generally available before including the latest updates issued by Adobe.


Additionally, Microsoft is working with Adobe to release an update for Flash in IE 10 that will be available soon. A spokesperson for Microsoft said: “Ultimately, our goal is to make sure the Flash Player in Windows 8 is always secure and up-to-date, and to align our release schedule as closely to Adobe’s as possible.”

Wolfgang Kandek, CTO at Qualys said that integrating Flash into IE will improve end-user security and that other applications will be patched through the Microsoft updater. He added: “When we look at statistics from our BrowserCheck application we constantly see that 3rd party applications (i.e. Flash, Java, Reader) are slower in updating than Windows native application (i.e. Windows Media Player). We attribute that to the lack of automatic update mechanisms in some older applications, plus usability and integration issues with the multiple update mechanisms that a typical PC user has to deal with.”


Nonetheless, Lamar Bailer, director of security research and development at nCircle  has a different opinion: “Since Microsoft decided to follow the Google Chrome model of embedding Flash within browser, they’re tied to Adobe now for better or worse. Flash has been plagued with security issues for a long time, and embedding Flash means that IE10 end users will have to wait for Microsoft to patch Flash issues.”


He also asked rhetorically if Adobe will provide security information to Microsoft soon enough to get Flash patches to Windows 8 users when they hit the rest of the market. Or will Adobe delay the necessary patches? For now, how things will evolve, no one can tell for sure.

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Adobe Flash Player 10

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Adobe Flash is a crucial plugin for your browser. Using it, you can view anything from video to games, as well as animation on the web.


Adobe Flash 10 features have been improved, including great additions. The most important new features and advantages of Adobe Flash 10 are:

  • the H.264 video codec
  • the HE-AAC audio codec
  • crystal-clear sound
  • higher-definition picture


In addition, Adobe Flash 10 tries to be the answer to previous problems of older versions such as stability issues and security. Support for ActionScript 3.0 will be included and the purpose is to create great 3D graphics. Thus, navigation will become more interesting, attractive and interesting, while games will be more interactive on websites. This version represents a wonderful step forward: it means high quality, better performance, great stability and security.

It’s essential for viewing web content and to support HD videos. It includes:

  • fast, lightweight and native 3D effects
  • features for sophisticated directly drawing
  • a new Speex Audio Codec and dynamic streaming
  • users can create effects and filters and share them on the Adobe Exchange site with many users
  • audio improvements such as application-level audio mixing


Nonetheless, still one of its down sides is occasional stability problems. You can download the application and try its new and improved features. One of the best thing that this version provides is uncompromised web browsing of content, applications, as well as video across devices. Adobe Flash Player can be used for a wide range of mobile devices such as smartphones and various Internet-connected devices. If you have an online business, you can be sure that your clients can see content no matter where they are.

Watch Adobe Flash Player 10 running on T-Mobile G1 Android Phone:

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Adobe – Innovation And Commitment

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Adobe Flash Player is an efficient  browser-based application and cross-platform that enables you to view high quality content, expressive applications, as well as videos across browsers and operating systems.

Adobe is a popular global leader, specialized in digital media solutions and digital marketing. Adobe tools and services help many publishers, businesspersons and developers promote, create and monetize their content. The company also partners up with many agencies and brands and optimizes their digital marketing for a huge return on investment. Plus, you and also a lot of other people have Adobe Flash Player on your computer, but you certainly don’t know too many things about this company.




So, what’s the story of Adobe?

Adobe was founded on December, 1982 by Charles Geschke and John Warnock and it has managed to change the world by providing amazing digital experiences. And it’s not all about pretty and colourful images, but also about how companies interact with their clients across digital screens and channels.




The company was named after Adobe Creek that ran behind Warnock’s home in Los Angeles, California. Related to money, over half of its revenue is generated outside the United States. Throughout time, this company launched many technologies, programs and software such as:


  • Portable Document Format (1993)
  • Adobe Reader (1993)
  • Adobe Flex (2003)
  • Adobe Air (2008)
  • Adobe Design (1999)
  • Adobe Flash (2006)
  • Adobe Acrobat (1993)
  • Adobe Photoshop (1990)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (1991)
  • Adobe Digital Marketing Suite (2009)
  • Adobe Connect (2003)
  • Adobe Digital Publishing (2011)



Adobe Recognition And Awards:


  • Top 100 Best Global Brands (Interbrand, 2011)
  • #2 computer software company in World’s
    Most Admired Companies (Fortune, 2012)
  • 100 World’s Most Ethical Companies (Ethisphere Institute, 2012)
  • 2011 Forrester Research Voice of the
    Customer award
  • #3 Best Employers list for Romania (Hewitt
    Associates, 2010)
  • #14 greenest company out of 500 publicly
    traded companies in America (Newsweek Green Rankings, 2011)
  • World’s first corporation to achieve four
    Platinum-level Certifications for Energy and
    Environmental Design Excellence by the U.S.
    Green Building Council (U.S. Green Building Council, 2010)
  • #20 on the Top 50 Socially Responsible
    Companies in the U.S. (Boston College
    Centre for Corporate Citizenship and Reputation Institute, 2010)





Adobe is committed to change this world not only through its technology, but it also encourages global corporate citizenship and giving-back. These are important benefits for its employees, partners, but also for communities.

The impact of this company is huge and you can see it when people are collaborating at work, socializing with their friends, or when they are making transactions online.

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How To Install Adobe Flash Player On A Mac System

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For the vast majority of gadgets users, free software is great. As software in general is very expensive, programs that come for free are more then welcomed. And because most sites offer multimedia that does not work without a flash player, Adobe Flash Player is the best option for those who cannot afford to pay for a similar software.


If you need it on your Mac computer, too, but you have no idea how to install it and you are now checking on computers of friends for this information, watch this explanatory video that will help you download and install Adobe Flash Player on your own gadget. It has detailed information and will show you what is that you have to do, step by step. Once you will have it, you will be able to enjoy sites like Youtube whenever you’ll like.

If you don’t have enough patience to see the first video, you have bellow a shorter one that will help you go through the same process faster.

A very important thing you need to take into account is to read carefully all the terms and conditions. Most people don’t do it, but agreeing without knowing exactly with what is not the most clever thing you could do, it’s rather similar to signing a contract without reading it carefully before.

Adobe Flash Player is great, not just because it will help you see all the cool music videos you want to see online or play all sorts of games. It also has a series of advantages you need to be aware of. For example, with this free software, you will not be obliged to an upgrade. You will not be spied through your computer and your computer will be perfectly safe. These are very important matters when installing a software, so keep account of them and keep your money in your pocket thanks to the great Adobe Flash Player

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Adobe Flash Player is a software that helps gadgets users to see multimedia files. It can be used on computers and on cell phone. The developer of the software is in present Adobe Systems, but initially was Macromedia. It was released in 1996 and it works on web browsers and on ActiveX-based software. It is a freeware and it can be downloaded from the official Adobe site. As people from all around the world use it, it is available in 11 languages. The player is very helpful and it is present on most of the PCs.

The controversy surrounding the player is related to Apple, as the CEO of the company did not agree using it on their gadgets. He wrote an open letter in April 2010, explaining why he does not agree using Flash and he offered the exact reasons. The openness was a problem for Steve Jobs because the products that Adobe offered were 100% proprietary. Flash Player is open source and he did not take in consideration using it. Ghash, for example, is an alternative for this popular player. The access was another thing Jobs mentioned in his letter. He claimed that most of the videos on the Interned use iOS and have a modern format. Recently, even Youtube published content that can be viewed without the Flash Player. Security was another issue for the Apple CEO. He stated that in 2009, Symantec proved that Flash has one of the worst security systems. He said that the software is very vulnerable and this is an extra reason for which he refuses to use it. The performance of Flash was also analyzed in the open letter. Apparently, the player does not do well on mobile devices, like those produced by Apple. Since he wrote that, Adobe optimized Flash.

Even with all the critic Steve Jobs brought to Adobe Flash Player, many people considered that business reasons were behind his letter and not real technical problems. If Flash would have developed, Apple would have lost market share, as the company offers its own software for the hardware it produces. App Store may be less successful if users would work with the Flash Player. For many of those working in the industry, it was clear that the letter Steve Jobs wrote was only a diversion and that he did to keep Apple safe.

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Useful Software Adobe Flash Player For Mobile Phones

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With the advancement of technology, many people consider purchasing a mobile phone if it has as many features as possible and if its usage is highly close to the one of the computer. These aspects are very important for the society we live in today and they are not an unjustified demand of the young generation looking for cool devices. Even adults start thinking of buying new mobile phones that are more suitable for everything else rather than for talking on them, so that they can tend to work related aspects wherever they are or so that they will have something fun and entertaining with them at all times. If it is the case of buying a new mobile phone, the software on it must include Adobe Flash Player.

With the help of this technology software that you have seen on your computer, you will be able to tend to all the activities of your mobile phone in the proper way on the Internet. The connection to the online medium is mandatory. Therefore, the mobile phones that cannot support this feature are taken out of consideration immediately. With the usage of the Internet comes the need to see a variety of web pages of all kinds. Even just for checking e-mails and social network profiles, the usage of the suitable software is mandatory, if you want to be able to see everything and to have access to all data. In addition to this, you can use the mobile phone to tend to the online parts of your business.

The Adobe Flash Player is the one that can help you a lot in all these matters. With the help of this software, you can see a wide variety of video materials, clips and other media files that would not be accessible to you without it. You have to consider the way in which you use your phone and then find the necessary types of software that you need to have installed on them. The Adobe Flash Player is a mandatory one, due to the fact that it allows access to numerous programs, domains and applications online that you might need for your moments of relaxation or for the ones in which you are working from outside the office. Make sure you opt for reliable sources for the download of all software!

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Why You Need The Adobe Flash Player

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The Adobe Flash Player is a popular software used for viewing online clips and movies. This means that in the lack of the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, you will find yourself in the impossibility of watching your favorite movies, clips or musical videos online. The Adobe Flash Player has to be installed on all computers who are using for instance Internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Google Chrome is the only Internet browser which will not require the installation of the Adobe Flash Player for viewing Internet applications and videos.

The Adobe Flash Player was first released in 1996, but even though this software has been launched more than 16 years ago, you should know that it is still very useful and needed by all Internet users. The Adobe Flash Player has to be installed as well on smart phones, except iPhones, for the user to be able to open various clips. However, you should not imagine that installing or using the Adobe Flash Player is very hard. In fact, using the Adobe Flash Player is absolutely simple. You will find it on various online sources. Then, you only have to download it, free of costs. After saving the Adobe Flash Player application on your computer, you will have to initiate the installing process. With a few clicks you will have the Adobe Flash Player on your device. And that is all.

The Adobe Flash Player does not have to be activated each time you plan on using Internet sources. It will automatically work with your computer when you open various clips or applications which require the player’s usage. Since the first release of the Adobe Flash Player, various updates have been brought to the software to improve its functioning and adapt it to the needs of all users. Luckily, nowadays, when you have the player on your computer, you never have to worry about viewing anything online. No troubles with movie watching or music listening will be experienced with the usage of Adobe Player. Still, updating will be needed to continue enjoying this software at its highest performance.

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Facts About The Adobe Flash Player

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The Adobe Flash Player is one of the most useful software that can be installed on a computer. In fact, everyone needs the Adobe Flash Player when willing to watch different videos online or when needing to access various information. The first Flash Player was created by Macromedia, being now distributed by Adobe Systems. Throughout the years, since its initial release in 1996 till now, the Adobe Flash Player has been much improved. So, during this period of time, new versions of the Adobe Flash Player were lunched. The last release dates to March 4, 2012.

Luckily, this last Adobe Flash Player version is available for desktop platforms, but also for mobile phones. Windows, Linus, Solaris and Max OS X will work properly with the Adobe Flash Player 11. And the Adobe Flash Player 11 is also available for Android. This means that everyone can easily install the software on a smart phone and enjoy accessibility to their favorite clips on the phone. In fact, Adobe Flash Player 11 is known to work properly on numerous cell phone and tablet models, including devices released by Acer, Dell, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. Other versions of the player can be compatible with other models or releases from different mobile and tablet manufacturers.

Although numerous users consider the Adobe Flash Player an amazing and really safe software, not everyone seems to agree. Actually, even if the software can now be used with a wide range of cell phones, it is not yet compatible with the iPhone. The former CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, claimed that the Adobe Flash Player is not stable enough. Jobs shared his opinion that the player is responsible for one of Apple’s computer crashes. As a consequence, Apple mobiles do not require the Adobe Flash Player installation, the player not being allowed on iPhone and iPad. Either way, the player can be commonly used with all type of Internet browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Google Chrome is the only Internet browser which will not require the installation of Adobe Flash Player, having the software integrated.

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You Must Have Adobe Flash Player

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In the world of technology, Adobe is surely a popular and renown name all around the world. Adobe Systems Incorporated, which is its full name, is a multinational computer software company that was founded in 1982, in Mountain View, California. Adobe is especially famous for its creative approaches in developing multimedia and software products that focus mainly on Internet applications. And Adobe Flash Player is one of these software applications, which you absolutely must have if you own a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Adobe Flash Player is a cross-platform, browser-based application, which allows you to watch expressive applications, videos and content on the Internet.

So, if you do not have Adobe Flash Player, you will not be able to watch all those funny videos or tutorials that you love. Adobe Flash Player has surely developed greatly since the time of its release. Now, it has some amazing features, including stage 3D accelerated graphics rendering, native 64-bit support, a software for encoding cameras and HDS, which is a protection HTTP Dynamic streaming system. Adobe Flash Player is beneficial for both business and personal uses, as it provides data-driven applications, gaming options and rich media. Your browsing experiences will be definitely revolutionized with Adobe Flash Player. You can download Adobe Flash Player and use it on mostly any type of computer and software, as it comes in versions for Windows, Linux, Macintosh and Solaris.

Also, Adobe Flash Player works on browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, so no matter what you work with, you will be able to use this great software. Once you go online, you will be able to download Adobe Flash Player, even for free, and you can immediately start using it. Animation, design and application user interfaces, they will all be deployed across all browsers and platforms, so you will enjoy the best web experience. If you want to go beyond the web and you own one of the popular smartphones, you could easily download the Adobe Flash Player version for mobile phones, and start benefiting from the same advantages you have on your computer. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: you must have Adobe Flash Player.

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Using The Adobe Flash Player Is Very Easy

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There are certain programs that you just have to install on your computer to make sure that you will enjoy a full usability of your device. The Adobe Flash Player is one of them. When you do not have this program on your computer, you are not able to watch online clips or movies. No matter what you want to watch online, the Adobe Flash Player is a must. In fact, since all computers need the Adobe Flash Player, most recent versions of web browsers no longer require for you to download and install the Adobe Flash Player. So, if you are using Google Chrome, you will get the Adobe Flash Player already installed into the Internet browsing program.

Well, if you are commonly using Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera, you will have to install the Adobe Flash Player yourself, at least if you want to watch clips online. Do not imagine that installing the Adobe Flash Player is a very hard to perform activity. You will first need to download the Adobe Flash Player, which can easily be found online, free of costs. After that, click the install button and with a few more clicks the Adobe Flash Player will be installed on your computer. After competing the process, you will no longer have to access or activate the Adobe Flash Player, as it will be included on your Internet bowser and the clips you plan on watching will open immediately as you access them.

Now that you know that using the Adobe Flash Player is very simple, all left for you to do is to watch your favorite movies, trailers, music videos, and much more. If you possess a smart phone and you plan on using the device with a similar purpose, you will also need to install the Adobe Flash Player. Not only that the software will make your smart phone more functional, but you can use it each time you have a couple of free minutes and you want to relax by listening to your favorite song or watching a new movie trailer.

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